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1. Gmkcfcag wrote at 03.11.2008 - 13:52 hours
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2. _m_ wrote at 01.06.2008 - 03:29 hours
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3. cameron wrote at 01.06.2008 - 03:27 hours
ur realy gay u kno
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4. Diep anh wrote at 20.12.2007 - 04:04 hours
Long time no see dear? How are you ?
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5. Nppzwvra wrote at 10.11.2007 - 22:22 hours
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6. sabu wrote at 19.09.2007 - 02:48 hours
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7. Samiha Esha wrote at 20.05.2007 - 19:52 hours
Nice website :)
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8. Neelakaash wrote at 18.02.2007 - 08:46 hours


i m in heaven*

beg perdon :P
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9. Neelakaash wrote at 18.02.2007 - 08:44 hours
swagoto da this is for u,written by me

swagoto said,gals never can be bad
i said what? r u mad?
he said think about gals
i said i should check ur pulse
he said dremaning of them is nice
i said yeah,that will cost u a price
he said..ohh..i m heaven.
i said!!oh noo something is burnt on ur oven...
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10. Neelakaash wrote at 18.02.2007 - 08:36 hours
ki shundor borshakaal
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11. Neelakaash wrote at 17.02.2007 - 14:42 hours
swagato da! u r a great person . should i say dada? we are same age.so no business of dada.u r my bro.

what u r missing now s a nice wife. my blessings are with u.
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12. inu wrote at 30.12.2006 - 19:03 hours
cute blah
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13. Rasel wrote at 15.11.2006 - 16:08 hours
Great Work.
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14. hardik wrote at 05.11.2006 - 07:33 hours
hello what r u doing beside me??????????
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15. Himu wrote at 03.10.2006 - 13:42 hours
Just testing again!
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16. Candice wrote at 22.02.2006 - 16:31 hours
Thank you!
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17. Jill wrote at 22.02.2006 - 16:30 hours
Thank you!
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18. LadyMary wrote at 19.11.2005 - 21:32 hours
I send you my warmest congratulations for your cool web. Good idea to do the web http://automovilismo.akadune.com
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19. rodelie wrote at 26.08.2005 - 14:26 hours
hey... u r really great!!!!ur such a cool..and i know u can make it all,, gudluck & always tke care!!!
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20. Swagato wrote at 24.05.2005 - 07:41 hours
Thanks everyone.. :)

Sorry no pics... I am very camera shy. I have not taken any pics recently! :p
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21. yuli_yuls wrote at 24.05.2005 - 07:19 hours
hey shaggy!!
nice site!!!
how about some pics?? either on aussieland or duluthland. :)
good job for the site. more success to you!
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22. stephanie melissa wrote at 23.05.2005 - 14:31 hours
Hey swagato! Like the website. Hope u can achieve all ur goals yeah! Best of luck :) Take care always.
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23. hoanganh wrote at 23.05.2005 - 12:42 hours
dear ,thats nice site ,thank
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24. abeni wrote at 22.05.2005 - 23:11 hours
Hey Babe
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25. paru wrote at 08.04.2005 - 17:01 hours

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26. Esther wrote at 12.03.2005 - 08:49 hours
Nice website.
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27. Rajdeep wrote at 26.02.2005 - 12:06 hours
nice site. the color is awesome. it reminds me of the MSN homepage. lol...

anyway, just goin thru ur blogs. some are really funny.....crackin me up....just takin a break from exams u know.
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28. Poh Hean wrote at 19.02.2005 - 06:45 hours
Gambatae! Hope you achieve lots of things in ur life and be proud of each of them! :P
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29. dea wrote at 19.02.2005 - 04:38 hours
hey! thanks for dropping by my blog!
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30. Abeni wrote at 10.02.2005 - 03:05 hours
Just dropping by to say hi
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31. Swagato wrote at 07.02.2005 - 15:07 hours
Hey bro... .you wrote the spelling of my name wrong!!! What a brother :p
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32. Laura wrote at 06.02.2005 - 05:21 hours
HI :P Nice site!
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33. Path wrote at 05.02.2005 - 19:41 hours
Nice work. This one is better than last website. Take care.
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34. Aopu Mohsin wrote at 13.10.2004 - 21:39 hours
What's up dude? How are you liking Australia? Must be very much. Nice work on your web site. Better than previous ones... By the way, your blog is very funny, specially yahoo search one. Haha...
Well, good luck with everything man. Get Australian citizenship, Australian girl, Australian Condo by the Australian beach.
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35. Jeff Rogers wrote at 24.07.2004 - 04:16 hours
Hey whats happenin' Swagatto. Looks like you've had enough of the ECE dept at UMD...since you're going to Sydney and all. More power to you. I've dipped out too...switched to IE!

peace out
Homepage: not entered   Email: roge0198[AT]d.umn.edu

36. Joe Kluenenberg wrote at 12.07.2004 - 11:36 hours
Heya Swagutto bagutto! Hope all is going well! Take care
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37. Swagato Bhatta wrote at 09.07.2004 - 08:50 hours
Just a trial check!
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